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Committee Responsibilities

• Arranges dates and secures venues for four concerts at the Huntington or other venue(s) and four Member Musicales
• Sends out performance request forms to members in April
• Decides on content of programs for all eight events
• Prepares and prints programs for those events
• Sets up auditions for potential new members
• Sends contact information on accepted members to database manager, newsletter editor and WMC members
• Provides monthly and annual reports to Board

Yearbook and Season Brochure:
• Gathers information from the Board on event dates and WMC committee updates
• Sets up advertising and trades
• Solicits letter from President
• Updates as necessary and sends to graphic designer and printer for final production (brochure) or edits and updates in-house (yearbook)
Collects information from committee chairs and other members to share in a monthly email news bulletin
• Sends contact information on new member applications to Chair of Program Committee in order for her to set the auditions
• Sends out membership brochures when requested
• Sends new members a welcome letter, yearbook, and season brochure
• Adds new member info to email list and database

Community Education & Mentoring:
• Presents monthly programs for preschool classes at the Early Childhood Education and Family Center in the MRDD facility at 2879 Johnstown Road. Also presents thrice yearly programs at the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) on Rudy Road in Upper Arlington
• Purchases instruments when necessary to fortify programs
• Sets up WMC social functions such as the annual potluck
• Assists hostesses of the Member Musicales
Competition Committees:
• Determines date and venue of competition
• Prepares and distributes informational flyers and application materials
• Informs website administrator of all competition details
• Processes all applications and sets up audition schedule
• Selects and prepares judges
• Recruits and oversees WMC volunteers for day of the competition
• Communicates with winners regarding the public performances

• Meetings will be called by the Chair as needed, at least quarterly
• Identify possible funding sources
• Write grant proposals
• Write final reports for grants that are received
• Interface fully with the Treasurer, Finance Officer and WMC’s CPA when grant applications are being written and submitted
• Provides quarterly and annual reports to the Board
• Keep records in WMC’s virtual office online
• Various actions related to the submission of grant applications

• Chaired by Finance Officer
• Meetings should be held at least quarterly
• Primary duties involve monitoring the various investment accounts
• Decide whether or not any changes in funds should be considered
• Discuss any financial concerns or questions raised by the board or Treasurer
• Records and minutes of the committee meetings will be kept in the virtual online office
• Provides quarterly and annual reports to the Board

• May be a committee of one; no meetings are necessary
• Purpose is to provide public with information in a timely manner.
The following events will be publicized:
Huntington Concerts • Mary Lane Memorial Violin Competition •
Scholarship Auditions • Young Artists Competition •
Competition Winners • Special Events
Events that are to be published must be communicated to the
publicity committee 3 weeks prior to the event.

Upcoming Events