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Successful completion of a solo audition in this category allows participation in the same medium in any other performance category. At least two selections must be memorized for the audition for pianists, vocalists, and violinists.

Voice (Performance in the original language is required)
  • One selection from the Classical or Pre-Classical periods
  • One selection from Lieder
  • One aria from a standard opera or oratorio
  • One modern art song or musical theater song in English
  • Two contrasting movements of a major work from the Baroque, Classical, or Romantic periods.
  • Two shorter works, at least one from the Contemporary period
  • One selection by J.S. Bach
  • One Scarlatti sonata
  • One selection from the French, Italian, or Contemporary schools
  • One prelude and fugue of the polyphonic period (1600-1750)
  • One of the longer compositions of César Franck OR two contrasting movements of a sonata of symphony from the Romantic period
  • One selection by a contemporary composer
  • Two contrasting movements from a major work of the Baroque, Classical, or Romantic periods
  • Two shorter works, at least one from the Contemporary period
  • One of the major works originally written for harp (e.g. Ravel, Debussy)
  • One of the major transcriptions for harp (e.g. Grandjany, Salzedo)
  • One classical transcription
  • One major work originally written for percussion in a contrasting style from above
  • One shorter contemporary work

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